Morrdor - Destiny Card Reading and Gipsy Card Reading in Aranda de Duero

Talk to Morrdor - Destiny Card Reading and Gipsy Card Reading in Aranda de Duero now. 20-25 years of experience in Gipsy Card Reading. My name is Mordorr, and I am the eldest of six sisters. I was born at midnight under a Scorpio Moon, upon a windy west cliff. I work with mind, body, spirit and divination​ through fortune telling. I use fortune cards to channel messages, which originated in Egypt and have been adapted for daily use. I interact by asking you to join in, as I deal the cards, to put your impression into the reading and information about your situation is revealed, even lover's can be opened. I can unlock doors in a full reading, and can be asked direct questions concerning love, business, home and house. I like to read into dreams and understand their hidden meanings. I see orbs and occasionally ghosts. I am a deep honest person and sometimes fear the weight of my gift, as it speaks of hidden potential. I will help those who have spiritual awakening and teach you not to be afraid. I am not prone to fear and will help with any topic no matter how complex it's roots. I believe, to share a problem will halve it. My spirit guide is called Angelus and he is like a prayer full of honesty. I like to shine light on difficult situations, but I can not lie to you, if there are no roses in your reading, but I do promise insight and aid. Through truth comes a new beginning. I have helped many to understand their partner's choices. I will work with you until you have the power to stand and walk alone, or create a new situation, which empowers you. We are born alone and naked, but long for love and warmth. We can look together and see what is in your future. Time does not stand still and new situations are created every second upon this glorious planet.

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